Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Cherry Pie

At least the pie came out pretty good (although I realized we don't have a pie server, so I ended up scooping the pie out with a spoon haha). The pie crust I used, for those interested, was Wholly Wholesome Make At Home Graham Cracker Pie Crust. I bought it at Whole Foods where they also had premade pies by this company too that were vegan. The insert that came on the pie crust also had 2 pie recipes on the back, and one is a vegan recipe.

I need to stop typing about food now...I'm stuffed!

Happy Tofurky Day!

So this is my first Thanksgiving away from home, and while I do miss my family, it is also the first time I am sharing the day with my (also vegan) boyfriend. So far things have not gone so great with our first dinner, but it will be a fun memory at least.

Firstly, we forgot to thaw the Tofurky the night before and had to use the frozen cooking directions (i.e. bake for THREE HOURS). Secondly we decided to try some unconventional veggies to go with our Tofurky and decided that summer squash and zucchini would be a nice change of pace, but they got shriveled and wrinkly in the oven and stuck to the pan. Thirdly I needed to bake my herb red potatoes for an hour and decided to put them in during the final hour for the Tofurky, but we got caught up watching Lord of the Rings and I didn't end up putting them in until the last 10 minutes of Tofurky... oops. However, I still think everything will turn out yummy. Scott already has a new batch of veggies cooking on the stove top and a batch of dinner rolls are in the oven while my potatoes finish.

Blueberries were ridiculously expensive and since we didn't feel like spending $32 to make one blueberry pie (I needed 6 cups of blueberries for the recipe!) we settled for some canned cherry pie filling and a vegan pie crust from whole foods. I can still make the crumble from scratch that I would have put atop the blueberry pie. haha

I spoke to my parents on the phone yesterday and they told me that their first Thanksgiving together wasn't the greatest. The place they were renting was being taken over by the original owners and they took the furniture from what was supposed to be my parents furnished apartment, so my parents had their first Thanksgiving dinner on a double level TV stand on the floor of their apartment.

So be thankful if not for a good dinner or a decent table, but for the people you have to share it with and the pie to follow :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Steampunk Journal

Every month DIYscene's Street Team has a monthly theme project. This month's theme is Steampunk. It's my first time in a long time doing a monthly theme project and I'm so glad that I did! My submission is this steampunk journal. :) You can search other awesome DIYscene Street Team Steampunk items by searching diyscene team nov on!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Add Us!

I have mentioned the amazing craft forum I belong to called DIYscene, for those of you who are fans of the site or would like to learn more about us, visit us on My Space! Add our My Space by clicking the banner below :)

By joining you'll get the most recent updates on our monthly theme items, upcoming sales, and more! Join in the fun!

Strange New World

I always find using new materials to be an exciting challenge. Challenging because I need to learn something new, and find ways to use the method and create it in a way that is my own. Exciting because the possibilities are endless when combining a new material and/or method with what you already do well.

My first attempt at a new (secret) method I've been working on has not been so great, but with the help of my friend Mary O. (of Black Kitten Accessories) I think I might just be able to get a handle on it.

In the mean time I did some sketches last night for a new necklace I will have in the works. I'm really excited about it and might just have the time to get started on a few today :)

Tonight join us in the chat room on where the members of DIYscene will be having a Thursday Night Sale!!! Catch great deals just in time for the holidays on clothing, accessories, household items and more! Free shipping, 15% off, Buy One Get One Free, and so many more sales you won't know what hit you! Don't miss the fun!

Until next time,

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Enchanting Cadavers

I had the time a few weeks ago to finally sit down and create some new pieces for my shop. I had some new supplies I was excited to work with, as well as a few ideas that had been buzzing around my head for a while. Two of those new designs sold pretty quickly! A pair of earrings I called Cadaver Chic sold the day I posted them. In addition there was a necklace simply called Enchantress that I sold early this week. In the mean time, I have some new projects in the works that will hopefully be up in my shop soon, in time for the holiday season!

Welcome My Little Sprinkles of Doom

I finally decided to start an official Gothcupcake blog. Bigger and better than ever! It's coming upon the one year celebration of the birth of my gothcupcake shop and there is much to celebrate. When I started out I didn't even have business cards. I used markers, stickers, a photocopy machine and imagination to create makeshift business cards that I handed out to friends and family. Now I have shiny jewelry boxes, the third design of my business cards, fancy new jewelry tags for my latest collection, and a slew of awesome friends. I don't want to sound like a commercial, but truly I wouldn't have gotten this far with my shop, had it not been for all of the amazing people I've met on DIYscene. The men and women on the forum have given me advice, shown me love, helped promote me, and even have purchased from or traded with me. I am very grateful for the friendships I have built there along the way, and I hope they continue to flourish as my mini empire continues to grow.

So, welcome! I have some exciting updates, projects, ideas, vegan recipes, and products that I want to share with you. I look forward to hearing from you!

dark wishes,

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