Thursday, July 1, 2010

Songs Stuck in My Head Today

So, the other day I was at work humming a song, and a coworker asked me what I was humming and I told her that I had a song stuck in my head... and that I tend to get lots of songs stuck in my head throughout the course of a day. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I nearly ALWAYS have some sort of music playing in my head, and it can be completely random, but it is MUCH funnier when the music is specific to the situation that I'm in. So, for poops and giggles I decided to write down a song whenever one popped into my head today. From the time I woke up until I came home from work. I don't listen to music in the morning or at work, they don't play music on the bus or in the store where I work, so all of these songs are just populated by my mind.

Here is the list in the order they were in my head:

"State of the Union" Rise Against
"I Need Love" N*Sync
"First Drop" Rise Against
"Bath Water" No Doubt
"Artificial Sweetener" No Doubt
"Summer Breeze" Seals and Croft
"Partyline (555 Online)" Five
"Until the Time is Through" Five
"Devilicious" Angelspit
"100%" Angelspit
"All I Have To Do Is Dream" The Everly Brothers
"Summertime Girls" LFO
"Tangerine Speedo" Caviar
"Psycho Killer" The Talking Heads
"Poker Face" Lady Gaga
"Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle" Dethklok
"Bad Things" Jace Everett (True Blood theme song)
"Boom Boom Boom" The Outhere Brothers
"Smooth Criminal" Alien Ant Farm

I think it's pretty interesting, so I might start carrying a notebook with me all the time to jot down all the random songs that pop into my head to see if there is some sort of pattern :P haha


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