Friday, December 26, 2008

Gothic Beauty Magazine

I hope all you darklings had a wonderfully Dreary Gothmas and received all the ghoulish treats you could squeeze into your casket! I received the board game "Goth" for Gothmas as well as a shiny new sewing machine. Soon I will be a sinister seamstress!

In other news, I have new pins up in my etsy shop, they're cheap, so feel free to buy a few for your favorite straight jacket.

More excitingly though, I am on page 79 of the current issue (issue 27!) of Gothic Beauty magazine. It's the first issue to feature a male on the cover, so pick up a copy at your local bookstore or Hot Topic haunt.

Stay Spooky,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dreary Gothmas!


Today I bought a mini tree for the apartment. I got a black tree and decorated it in style with an eyeball ornament, a glow-in-the-dark skeleton, 2 bats, a raven, a spider, and an assortment of black and orange glass orbs. :)
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Death Rock Magazine

I have the impulse to buy new and crazy things, interesting stuff that is just on that cusp of being awesome or being terrible. Such was the case when I came across a copy of issue 2 of Death Rock magazine in a Borders a few weeks ago. I was attracted to it, but also thought the model on the cover looked really pretentious. Boasting stories about Vampira and Lip Service, I couldn't resist and picked it up.

I was really impressed with the layout of the magazine, especially for a title's second issue. There are still a few kinks to work out in the editing department, but it's only their second issue, and I feel like this magazine will only get better with each issue released. The stories are interesting, the interviews are informative and there are so many pictures! There is a lot of content in this 100 page magazine and it is really a music magazine.

Reading through it I was embarrassed to admit that I hadn't heard of many of these bands before, and feeling like I was being schooled while I was reading this magazine really made me excited. It wasn't boring, but the interviews, articles and pictures left me enthralled and my list of music I need to pick up just got 20 bands longer after reading it. I was really excited to see a little article on the Horror Pops.

I already can't wait for the next issue to come out so that I can sink my claws into it :) I highly recommend that anyone interested in punk, horror rock or death rock pick up an issue! One of my new favorite magazines.

Look out for my color ad in issue 3 of Death Rock magazine!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Maybe I am immature, but I just found the purple sticker on this banana to be rather funny...

In case it is too small for you to read, it says "Pocket Size Fun" on the banana.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


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