Monday, August 10, 2009


If you are not already a fan of Gothcupcake on facebook, please take the time to become a fan by clicking--> here. We only need 14 more fans to get an official Gothcupcake url for the facebook page. So tell your friends and your friends' friends to fan the Gothcupcake page! *I also do secret little sales here and there just for facebook fans and I have contest plans in the works as well, so if you would like free stuff pass it on!*

Speaking of free stuff, the folks over at the "It's Called Maintenance" blog here on blogspot are running a sweet contest and giving away a TON of sweet prizes, including some Gothcupcake Kawaii Skull Hair Clips and a set of Gothgirl pins!

Also, keep stalking the Gothcupcake etsy shop for new items on the way! Secret projects will be unveiled throughout the month as we gear up for the launch of some new lines of products! Stay tuned here, on facebook, My Space, twitter and live journal for all the excitement!

Stay Spooky,


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