Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have been inspired by so much and so many lately! Every day I am inspired by those making their dreams come true who are also helping others do the same! I think that is key to making your dreams reality, not selfishly going for your goal, but finding ways to help others as well. I think all the good you do will come back to you, and helping someone else reach their dreams and ambitions is a great way to pave the path for you to your own dreams.

I've started keeping a journal, I'm notorious for not being very good with these, but there were a few years where I kept journals pretty steadily. I liked adding pictures and stickers to my journals and taking them everywhere with me. I've started an inspiration journal, to write down my thoughts, words of encouragement, etc. To help keep me on track and to keep my eyes on the prize! Do any of you keep journals? I have a sketch-a-day-diary I had recieved for Christmas, but I lost track of how many sketches I would need to add to it now to catch up...I'll figure it out and fill in the blanks eventually. I need to be more committed to things! Focus...

This blog is a form of a journal and I have tons of pictures on my computer that have never even seen the light of day so I will have to start sharing more of my adventures and images with you all! Like the one in this post, is from when we met Elvis at the Renaissance Festival.

Follow your dreams,
spread the love,
and stay spooky,


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